New pics and updated APs

Cases with updated age-progressions:

  1. Melissa Alaniz
  2. Alexander Matthew Erb-Sanchez
  3. Maria Isaia Flores Rubio
  4. Margaret Ellen Fox
  5. Megan Ginevicz

Cases with added pictures:

  1. Uvaldo Moises Anaya
  2. Colleen Kay Barrett
  3. Lynnea Rose Cross
  4. Teresa Lyn Fittin
  5. Natanalie Marie Perez
  6. Gary Edward Pino
  7. James Brian Rowe
  8. Joel Matthew Thompson

Huh. I just noticed something.

I’m catching up on runaways and am writing up the disappearance of Sydney Renee Cater. I Googled her name and noticed this: namely, a list of recent Oklahoma County marriages dated August 6, 2014, which included “Sydney Renee Cater and Freddy Joe Gomez.”

I looked a bit further and found this court record of the couple’s application for a marriage license. It notes that the female applicant was a minor (Sydney would have been 16 at the time, which is the minimum age for marriage in Oklahoma under most circumstances) and someone named Buffy Lynn Wooten gave consent for her. I found a record for Buffy’s own application to marry Shannon Edward Wooten, and it says Buffy’s name was Buffy Lynn Cater back then.

Is Buffy, then, Sydney’s mother? Older sister perhaps? Aunt? And if Buffy knew Sydney’s whereabouts and consented to her marriage in August 2014, why does the NCMEC say she disappeared on June 29, 2013?

Is Freddy Joe Gomez the “adult male” Sydney may be with?


Make-a-List Monday: People wearing corduory

List of people wearing clothes made of corduroy, obviously. WordWeb defines it as “a cut pile fabric with vertical ribs; usually made of cotton.”

  1. April Dawn Andrews
  2. Corrie Lynn Anderson
  3. Katherine O’Neil Anderson
  4. Douglas Kimberly Armstrong
  5. George Barksdale
  6. Brian Roy Barton
  7. Tammy Lyn Belanger
  8. Benjamin Benali
  9. Veronica Jill Blumhorst
  10. Amanda Nicole Eileen Campbell
  11. Johnny Harold Campbell
  12. Judith Ann Chartier
  13. Todd Eugene Collett
  14. Kevin Andrew McCarthy Collins
  15. James Robert Cooper
  16. Carla Rebecca Corley
  17. David Michael Cunningham
  18. Eclicerio Delatorre
  19. Norman Lynn DeVore
  20. Jose Esauro Dominguez
  21. Sean Christopher Dubs
  22. Nathan Andrew Edberg (maybe)
  23. Leann Faulk
  24. Laura Lee Asynithe Flink
  25. Debra Lee Frost
  26. Megan Elizabeth Garner
  27. Angelo Nicola Gatti Jr.
  28. Martin Alan Gentry
  29. Robin Ann Graham
  30. Kenneth Adrian Greth
  31. Jamie Rochelle Grisim (maybe)
  32. Marco Antonio Guarderas
  33. Wallace Guidroz
  34. Dean Heagerty
  35. Frederick Andrew Holmes
  36. Donald Edward Hunter
  37. Kimberlie Kay Kantonen
  38. Steven Dick Kitchhoff
  39. Heike Leich
  40. Heather Janelle Lewis
  41. Sheila Mary Lyon
  42. Wendy Martinez
  43. Michael Omas Masaoay
  44. Tammie Anne McCormick
  45. Cindy Lee Mellin
  46. Victor Manuel Mendez
  47. Karen Marie Mitchell
  48. Phillip Alfred Montoya
  49. Terry G. Morris
  50. Steven Vincent Mylan
  51. Kurt Ronald Newton
  52. Harriet T. Olsen
  53. Jon Evans Ottesen
  54. Etan Kalil Patz
  55. Steven Daniel Paul
  56. Pamela Ann Pedro
  57. Jerry Dewayne Plaster
  58. Isabel Maria Quair
  59. David Bruce Rea
  60. Raymond Scott Rupp
  61. Roy Neil Searchwell Jr.
  62. Andrzej Jakub Slota
  63. Roland Jack Spencer III
  64. Tom Ray Starkel
  65. Linda Lee St. Germaine
  66. Stefanie Kelly Stroh
  67. Amber Jean Swartz-Garcia
  68. Nicholle Torrez
  69. John Allen Troha
  70. Anthony Peter Tumolo
  71. Mary Louise Walker
  72. David Edward Williams
  73. John Kiergan Williams