Murder charge in Jahi Turner disappearance

They have FINALLY charged Tieray Jones in the 2002 disappearance of his stepson, Jahi Turner. I’m pretty surprised they didn’t do it sooner. I know the police were pushing for a murder charge even less than a year after Jahi went missing.

Jahi was a beautiful little boy. I hope he finally gets justice.

MP of the week: Donald Hunter

This week’s featured missing person is Donald Edward Hunter, who disappeared from Mojave, California on August 11, 1999. He was arrested for drunk driving and, after his release from jail, decided to walk home. “Home” in this instance was thirty miles away. He never made it.

From what little I know it seems likely Donald simply got lost somewhere on his 30-mile journey and died of exposure. It said he gets confused easily due to a prior head injury, and I don’t know if he was still drunk or not when he left. (When they arrest people for DUI, do they wait till they’re sober before they let them out of jail? I have no idea.) Mohave, sez Wikipedia, has a desert climate with very hot summers; the average daytime temperature in August is 95.7 degrees.

If he is still alive, Donald would be 78 today.