Make-a-List Monday: Velcro shoes

MPs last seen wearing velcro strap shoes instead of laced ones or slip-ons. These tend to be most common with very young children, who can’t tie their shoes yet, and old people, who find the bending over etc. to be a problem.

Curiously, for some reason most of the people on this list are male. Only three girls out of a list of 15.

  1. Peter Achermann
  2. John Allen Akkerman
  3. Marc James-Warren Allen
  4. Walter David Brawner
  5. Antreas Chester Cantrell
  6. Ralph Edward Healey
  7. John Gordon Iverson
  8. David Clark Knowles
  9. Sherry Lynn Marler
  10. Zaden Alexander McKnight
  11. Jalesa Chantell Reynolds
  12. Raul Francisco Villarreal
  13. Tanisha Lorraine Watkins
  14. Freddie Louis Whittiemore
  15. John Kiergan Williams

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