Hidden updates

I posted a bunch of not-going-to-be-on-the-updates-page updates today.

Updated APs:

  1. Zachary Michael-Cole Bernhardt
  2. Sergio Paul Granados
  3. Ximena Paola Granados
  4. Jeremy James Grice
  5. John Henry Jacobson

New pictures:

  1. Marie Theresa Cherry
  2. Harold William Gavis
  3. Toby James Jespersen
  4. Geanna M. Jones
  5. Elizabeth Ann Kutz
  6. Karissa Alline Schell
  7. Richard Earl Trimble
  8. David Wayne Waggoner
  9. Phillip Troy Weldon

Other stuff:

  1. Lori Ann Slesinski

Make-a-List Monday: People wearing rain gear

It’s my birthday today. I’m thirty. Michael bought me a new printer and took me out to dinner and then bought me an Amazon.com season pass of the latest season of Elementary. Then we sat down to watch a movie, and I let him pick which one to watch, and he picked Plan 9 From Outer Space! I am heartbroken. He clearly hates me.

  1. Royal Darius Foote
  2. James Nicholas Gray
  3. Remigio Herrera Hernandez
  4. Brandon Tyler Phillips
  5. Eric Joseph Robinson
  6. Virgil Wade Tackett
  7. Joan Penderell Taylor
  8. Johnnie Taylor