I did one of my periodic fishing expeditions by Googling “crimestoppers missing persons” and found this one for Brock Adam Holmes. Last seen wearing a “techno material” shirt, they say.


Are we talking viscose? Tencel? Cupro? Or just polyester or nylon? Or something with, like, electronic sensors in it? Inquiring minds wanna know.

Also…why was he carrying a pool stick?

Found some stuff, finally, on Thomas Michael Rettew

Thomas Michael “Mikey” Rettew disappeared from Salem, Arkansas on September 1, 2002. I had almost nothing on his disappearance before today: only that he might be with “an adult female relative” in her car. It was very frustrating, as he’s been missing a long time and he was only four years old. He’d be seventeen now.

Well, I Googled his name again and found this Topix thread. Per the posts, Thomas disappeared with his mother, Angela Christine Mack, possibly from Missouri rather than Arkansas, and neither of them have been heard from in years.

Unfortunately, I can’t put this information on his casefile. I’ve got a policy against using uncorroborated information from Topix.

I’d love to get some corroboration from some other source. Mikey deserves more than “Few details are available in his case.”