Flashback Friday: Ilene Rebecca Scott

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Ilene Rebecca “Becky” Scott, who disappeared from Carson, California in 1980. It was five days before Christmas and one day after her sixth birthday. She went rollerskating and there’s some evidence that she made it back home — her skates were found inside the front door — but no sign of Becky herself. This is classified as an abduction.

For whatever reason, unlike a lot of other missing little girls, Becky Scott’s disappearance doesn’t seem to have gotten much attention from the media. At least, I can’t find anything on her. If Becky’s still alive, she will be forty this year.

21 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Ilene Rebecca Scott

    • Lauren August 9, 2014 / 3:20 am

      Whoa… Bizarre is right!

      • Lori Elkins January 16, 2017 / 4:00 pm

        Can you tell me what this thread read? It has since been deleted and I am curious what it said.

    • Lori Elkins January 16, 2017 / 4:23 pm

      HI Ilya, do you remember what this thread said?

      • Ilya January 16, 2017 / 6:41 pm

        Hi Lori – I think it was a person saying that she thinks she might be Ilene Rebeca Scott

  1. Shelley June 3, 2015 / 11:46 pm

    I am looking for anyone that has more information on Ilene Rebecca scott’s case. I have been in contact with Lt. Steve Jauch of the LAPD the officer in charge and we had talked but It has been a couple years since I heard from him. At age six I looked exactly like Ilene and there is more to this than I can type. I also have the birthmark on my right hip as well.

    • Justin December 7, 2015 / 3:48 pm

      Shelly, if you think you might be her, then contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office which is handling the investigation. According to Ilene’s NamUs webpage at https://www.findthemissing.org/cases/6638 they have DNA for her and if you can convince them that there is a possibility that you are Ilene after things like blood types and other things have been checked out, then perhaps they can do an mtDNA test on you.

      The investigator for the LAPD Missing Persons Unit to contact would be Detective Tamar Abraham and you can either leave a message on her phone at (323) 415-4788 or email her at TLAbraha@lasd.org

      • SHELLEY January 12, 2016 / 9:37 pm

        Thanks Justin for the information. I will definitely email her right now.

  2. Marshall Loveday February 2, 2016 / 4:03 pm

    Shelly – please follow through on this, because if you are thinking you ‘might’ be Becky, then there’s something in your past that is causing you to ask these questions, for whatever reason. My name is Marshall Loveday, and on December 20, 1980, my wife Marcia and I lived in the mobile home next door to Becky, her mom, and brother. (I believe Becky’s dad had moved out some time previously. He and I had a bit of a confrontation one day when he came over to visit, or perhaps pick up the kids). We had been out shopping that morning (I may have seen Becky roller-skating), and came back to the mobile home park swarming with L.A. County Sheriffs. After Becky’s disappearance (and a couple of break-ins), we moved to Orange County. We are on Oregon now.

    • SHELLEY February 10, 2016 / 1:08 pm

      Hi Marshall,

      Thank you for the information. I have emailed Det. Tamar Abraham with no luck of hearing anything from her.

      Your right there is everything about my past that doesn’t add up. My email is scorman2010@gmail.com .

  3. Marshall Loveday February 10, 2016 / 3:36 pm

    Shelley – what do you remember about your past? Maybe there are some details / memories that can connect you to this mystery, or perhaps even rule it out. If you want to discuss with me privately, my e-mail is mloveday541@gmail.com I honestly don’t remember all that much about day-to-day life in the mobile home park, because I was working a lot of hours back then, but perhaps my wife Marcia remembers more of the details. Also, if you’re not getting a response from that Sheriff’s deputy, I’d suggest calling her.

  4. Dale Pickett April 11, 2016 / 1:08 pm

    My name is Dale Pickett. Becky is my cousin. Shelley i sent an email. Marshall have you heard anything from Shelley?

    • Marshall Loveday April 11, 2016 / 2:16 pm

      Unfortunately not. Sorry……..

  5. Lori Elkins January 16, 2017 / 3:58 pm

    Hi, I am Lori Elkins and I am the cousin of Ilene Rebecca “Becky” Scott. I was extremely close to Becky growing up and am curious if anyone has heard anything from Shelley. If so, please send me an email at: capeaches@yahoo.com

    Thank you!

    • Marshall Loveday January 16, 2017 / 7:59 pm

      Lori – there’s also this more recent blog post, which was started this last December 20th…… https://charleyross.wordpress.com/2016/12/20/36-years-ago-today/

      I haven’t heard from this ‘Shelley’. She did include her e-mail in one of the above posts, so you could try the direct approach. I sent something a month ago. Didn’t hear anything back.

      Side question, Lori….How is Becky’s brother doing? (I don’t remember his name…)


    • Cynthia C April 11, 2020 / 12:07 am

      Half cousin to Becky Scott -Has Anyone heard from Shelley ?? I know years going by again but someone need to follow through – We have family that love N miss her and need answers to missing piece

  6. Kaye Sims September 3, 2019 / 4:18 am

    Hey everyone I grew up in Carson in the area just south of Cal State Dominguez Hills and I remember when this happened. It was also in the Daily Breeze Newspaper. Anyway, in May of 1979 young boys from the neighborhood would ride their bikes in that giant field connected to Cal State Dominguez (which is now the Stub Hub Soccer Stadium) and one day a man just came up to them and started stabbing one of them and he eventually killed him. He was a Jr High student and the other boys ran home and the Sheriff were called and the helicopter was out for hours. The responsible party was never found and I assume no link was ever made to Ilene. The teen name was Timothy Troutman. His family simply moved out of state soon after. I remember her mom was on the news looking so stressed. I sometimes wonder why more emphasis is put on one case as opposed to another.

  7. MARSHALL LOVEDAY September 4, 2019 / 1:19 am

    That’s certainly close enough in time and distance that a possible connection should be checked out. Unfortunately for the investigators of THIS case though, there seems to be virtually no physical evidence to compare against.

  8. Dale Pickett September 4, 2019 / 11:18 am

    I have not had any contact with Shelley since 2016. She said she was in contact with my aunt Abbie. Abbie passed a few months ago. I have sent Shelley an email. Hopefully she responds.

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