Select It Sunday: Tiffany Roberts

Selected by Annie: Tiffany Roberts, missing from Carson, California since September 10, 2000. If she were still alive she’d be eighteen in October.

Except she’s not. Tiffany’s mother has pleaded guilty to her murder. Beyond that I have absolutely nothing on the little girl, who was only three at the time of her disappearance.

I’ve tried looking in news archives and so on but I can’t find anything about this child’s disappearance or the murder case. I wish I knew more.

Eavesdrop, my house

MICHAEL: I have been working hard all day while you’ve been sitting on your butt reading Cracked.
ME: I have not. I’ve been working hard too. I’ve been working on my website. Today’s updates took hours.
MICHAEL: Oh, dear, I’m sorry, I forgot how heavy code is to carry from one side of the screen to the other. Do you need a weight belt for that? Should we buy you some steel-toed boots just in case you drop some errant HTML?

It’s all in good fun.


An MP case I plan to add today, I’ve got a slight problem with: the sources say she was wearing a hoodie with “Jimmy Hendrix” printed on the front. But the legendary musician spelled his name Jimi. It seems much more likely that the missing woman’s hoodie also said “Jimi” rather than “Jimmy” but my sources say otherwise.

This reminds me of the time when the MP was wearing a Bowdin College sweatshirt and I knew that no such place existed, but a Bowdoin College did, and it was pronounced bo-din, so I thought it must be a mistake.

Thoughts, anyone?