36 years ago today…

Ilene Rebecca “Becky” Scott¬†disappeared on this day in 1980 from her Carson, California home. I wrote about her for¬†Flashback Friday two years ago and a guy named Marshall commented, saying he was Becky’s next-door neighbor in 1980 and he thinks he actually saw her roller-skating the morning of her disappearance. It was Marshall who asked me to mention her on the blog again today, the 36th anniversary of her disappearance. (The FF entry has some other interesting comments in it too.)

There’s a Websleuths thread about Becky and Marshall’s been there too:

My wife Marcia and I lived right next door to the Scott family when Becky disappeared. We had seen her out roller-skating when we left to do some shopping that Saturday morning, and returned to the mobile home park to find the place crawling with L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies.

It would sure be great if Becky could be found. I know there is one gal who has posted on another missing person’s forum or two that she thinks she might be Becky, but seems to be afraid to follow up.

I do think about this sad case from time to time. One thing I was wondering – what if Becky went ‘exploring’ and perhaps got knocked unconscious / trapped underneath one of the mobile homes? I know the Sheriffs looked under some of the mobile homes (including ours), but did they search under all of them in the immediate area? (Might have been 10 units within 100′ or so……)

I updated Becky’s case back in October with additional info I dug out of the newspapers.com archive. Unfortunately I still know very little.

Flashback Friday: Ilene Rebecca Scott

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Ilene Rebecca “Becky” Scott, who disappeared from Carson, California in 1980. It was five days before Christmas and one day after her sixth birthday. She went rollerskating and there’s some evidence that she made it back home — her skates were found inside the front door — but no sign of Becky herself. This is classified as an abduction.

For whatever reason, unlike a lot of other missing little girls, Becky Scott’s disappearance doesn’t seem to have gotten much attention from the media. At least, I can’t find anything on her. If Becky’s still alive, she will be forty this year.