Henry William Hagert

And another ET entry: Henry Hagert, executed in 1945 for the cold-blooded killings of two thirteen-year-old boys. He was only seventeen himself at the time. A panel of psychiatrists hired by the state declared Hagert was insane, but the state was so afraid of him that they impaneled a different, more compliant set of shrinks who said he was accountable for his actions.

Speaking of Executed Today, the Headsman (the guy who runs the site) sent me a cool $200 for my birthday! He also sent a funny card which had a picture of the Grim Reaper on it. It was actually a Halloween card but he crossed out “Halloween” and wrote “birthday.” I have spent some of his gift already on a lovely long blue tie-dyed skirt. His present only works out to be a little more than $2 for every entry I’ve written for his blog thus far, but I’m in it for the fun.

3 thoughts on “Henry William Hagert

  1. Margie October 4, 2012 / 5:43 pm

    Today I Learned: There was organ donation (at least cornea donation) in 1945. How nice that you received a B-Day gift from Jason! I have four kids and did not even receive a call, card, zilch from any of them them for my recent B-Day. I am not having a pity party for myself here, I just think is so nice to be honored by a fellow blogger/website owner!

    • Meaghan October 5, 2012 / 9:56 am

      Several years ago I called up the Red Cross to ask about the idea of blood donation from corpses. I’d read that as long as the person had been dead for less than six hours, their blood was good to use, and in Russia they did it for thirty years with no problems. The IRC said they’d get back to me about it. I didn’t figure they really would, but some weeks later they actually did email me to say they had looked into the idea and found out the FDA didn’t allow it. Shame.

      Happy belated birthday to you. I’m sorry your children didn’t acknowledge it. My mom has six kids and one time all of us forgot her birthday; she was really upset. That was actually the only time in my life that I’ve ever forgotten; I’m usually good at remembering people’s b-days. This year (her birthday is in July) I got her a bracelet made of Irish coins.

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