Henry William Hagert

And another ET entry: Henry Hagert, executed in 1945 for the cold-blooded killings of two thirteen-year-old boys. He was only seventeen himself at the time. A panel of psychiatrists hired by the state declared Hagert was insane, but the state was so afraid of him that they impaneled a different, more compliant set of shrinks who said he was accountable for his actions.

Speaking of Executed Today, the Headsman (the guy who runs the site) sent me a cool $200 for my birthday! He also sent a funny card which had a picture of the Grim Reaper on it. It was actually a Halloween card but he crossed out “Halloween” and wrote “birthday.” I have spent some of his gift already on a lovely long blue tie-dyed skirt. His present only works out to be a little more than $2 for every entry I’ve written for his blog thus far, but I’m in it for the fun.