Remember “John D108 Doe” that I mentioned yesterday? Well, he now has a real name! His cousin saw the article I’d linked to and recognized him. His real name is Maurice Williams (he’d told the foster care people that was his name, but they weren’t really sure if that was accurate). He’s 46 years old and disappeared in 2008 a few months after his mother, who’d cared for him all her life, died. He’s got two sisters and like 30 cousins.

I don’t understand why he wasn’t identified sooner, since it says his family filed a missing persons report for him. They’re going to reunite with him but he may not recognize them. Maurice was diagnosed with schizophrenia after he was found, but his family says he’s autistic. He’s almost mute now, but apparently he talked more when he was a child.

I’m very glad for a happy ending to this story.