Coleman Gillespie

Another more ET: Coleman Gillespie, hanged in 1900 for the robbery and murder of 77-year-old Christina Edson. Christina’s farm had been burned down and her husband and three small sons (along with 20 other pioneers) murdered by Rogue River Indians in Oregon in 1856. Decades later, the government’s Indian Depredation Fund awarded her compensation in the form of a monthly pension. She got her very first check on September 18, 1899, and the next day Coleman Gillespie tortured and killed her for it and burned down her house. So she was, sort of, the last victim of that long-ago massacre.

I suppose you could say Coleman Gillespie was actually the last victim, since he wouldn’t have committed the robbery/homicide were it not for the massacre. But his execution was his own fault. Christina was a truly innocent victim.