Border crossers

Lately NamUs has added a lot of cases of migrants who disappeared crossing the Mexican border. Presumably the desert ate most of them. I’ve read a few articles about the missing migrants and it always inspires all kinds of people in the comments section to make racist remarks and say why are we bothering to look for them when they weren’t even allowed to be here. Well, news flash, people: if these people disappeared on American soil, whether we wanted them there or not, it is our responsibility to find them.

Anyway, I have yet to post a lot of missing migrants on Charley but here are the few border crossers I do have:

Sandra Yaneth Aguilar-Granados
Melvin Eduardo Turcios Cedillo
Miguel Angel Cisneros
Delfina Soledad Esiquio Guzman
Jose Rafael Henriquez-Diaz
Dilver Maldonado Dearcia
Armando Rivera Noriega
Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira
Julian R. Quinonez
Vicente Rios Quinonez
Claudia Natali Rodriguez
Tomas Rodriguez-Romero
Efren Ramirez Sandoval

MPs named Jesus

Last week’s Make-a-List Monday featured missing people with “Mohammed” in their names. So I thought this week I’d do MPs with “Jesus” in their names.

Jesus Juarez Atilano
Jesus Manuel Balbi
Jesus Javier Blanco
Jesus Fabian Cardenas
Jose D. Jesus Chavez
Jesus De La Cruz
Nelida De Jesus Del Valle
Jose De Jesus Diaz
Jesus Dominguez
Jesus Maria De Galindez
Jesus Rios Galindo
Jesus Gonzales
Jesus Garnica Lopez
Jose Jesus Lopez
Jesus Alvarado Martinez
Jesus Merino-Mendoza
Jesus Alay Meza
Jesus Ramon Sicairos
Jesus Cardoza Valdovinos
Maria De Jesus Valdovinos
Jesus Venegas
Lourdes Jesus Villanueva
Jesus Vizcaino Maldonado
Jesus Franco Zapata