MP of the week: Mercedes Toliver

This week’s featured missing person is Mercedes Zaevon Toliver, an eighteen-year-old black girl who left her Prescott, Arkansas home after an argument at around midnight on December 17, 2016. She was never seen again.

There doesn’t seem to be much out there to suggest might have happened to her. I do think it’s unlikely she left on her own, though, since she didn’t take anything other than her phone and $20, and since she was a responsible young woman who was planning to join the Air Force. I wonder if someone grabbed her while she was walking to her aunt’s house.

Mercedes’s nickname is Cede. I’m not sure if it’s pronounced “Say-dee” like the “cede” in her full name. She’d be about 23 if still alive.

3 thoughts on “MP of the week: Mercedes Toliver

  1. Java May 12, 2021 / 11:55 pm

    What a heartbreak for a mother to know she argued with her daughter and then never saw her again. I’m trying to never part with my sons on an unhappy note after reading all the sad stories about someone never being seen again after an argument. And never say goodnight without saying ‘I love you.’ It breaks my heart to think of the sadness out there.

  2. Cookie Crumbs in the Toaster Oven May 17, 2021 / 12:46 am

    It is sad that the case write ups for AAs don’t seem to pull as much discussion here, even though your blog is pretty chill (which I love!) otherwise. I have no idea if it is just prejudice or whatever, but I wish people who are into casual true crime put as much effort into solving the disappearances and murders of minorities as they do whites.

    Thanks anyways, Meaghan. You are wonderful, truly.

    • Meaghan May 17, 2021 / 12:49 am

      Unfortunately with Mercedes there isn’t really much to discuss—she was just gone apparently. But it may be another indication of systemic racism: lack of news coverage of missing persons of color results in lack of detail in the Charley Project casefiles results in lack of blog discussion.

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