MP of the week: Rosemary Day

This week’s featured missing person is Rosemary Rivas Day, a 27-year-old woman who disappeared from Jacksonville, Florida on May 21, 2011 — ten years ago this week. She was last seen at her apartment in her car, which was found abandoned two months later.

It’s not clear what happened here. According to her dad, Rosemary was in an abusive relationship and was afraid. However, she also suffered from depression and is classified as disabled (whether from the depression or from something else, I’m not sure). When her car was located the police found “unspecified information” inside which could indicate her whereabouts; however, nothing turned up and it’s been two years.

Rosemary is of mixed white and Asian (Filipino) descent with very long, thick brown hair, glasses and small scars on her arms. She was 27 when she was last seen and, if still alive, would be 37 today. Her birthday is just the day after mine.

Going to CrimeCon

I am happy to announce (and I’ve been wanting to announce this happy news for ages now) that in June I am going to CrimeCon in Austin, Texas! I am one of the speakers. My speaking time is Sunday, June 6 at 9:00 but I will be around on the other days too; Michael is coming with me and we’re going to set up an information booth and meet people and stuff.

I had always wanted to go to CrimeCon since I first heard of it, but I could never afford to go before, and last year’s event was canceled cause pandemic. This year, because I’m a speaker, it doesn’t cost me anything to attend.

I am sure I will have a blast and meet lots of cool people. Maybe some of them will be you guys.