Pride Month: Martha “Clyde” Dicks

In honor of Pride Month I’m featuring a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer missing person every day for the month of June. Today’s case is Martha Ann Dicks, aka Clyde, who disappeared from Sumter, South Carolina on March 29, 1972.

Said to be a lesbian who sometimes dated men, I wonder if Martha wasn’t actually transgender. She had a man’s name for her nickname and she liked to wear men’s clothes.

Martha/Clyde is thought to have been a victim of the serial killer Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins. She was 19 and possibly pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

6 thoughts on “Pride Month: Martha “Clyde” Dicks

  1. Gioia June 17, 2018 / 9:32 am

    I remember the idea of posting a list of queer missing persons was brought up some time ago but you said that you never did it because the families of those people found that information to be too personal or something like that. That it was somewhat controversial for them. What happened?

    • Meaghan June 17, 2018 / 10:13 am

      Nothing happened. I changed my mind I suppose.

    • Meaghan June 17, 2018 / 10:43 am

      Basically I did the black history month thing and planned to do Asians etc, and someone brought up Pride Month and it felt wrong not to do that too.

      • Vincent June 17, 2018 / 3:24 pm

        Thank you for everything that you do, Meaghan. You are a powerful force for good in this world.

    • pw March 1, 2023 / 11:33 am

      ik this is years late but as a member of Clyde’s family this was one of the ways i found out about them and my family’s acceptance of Clyde’s sexuality’s and their cross dressing at one point Clyde was even married to a women and her brother would bring her the best men’s clothes over sea when we came back from war .To see MY southern bible thumping grandma talk to the news and tell them straight up who Clyde was and did as the only out family member makes me cry.

  2. Patrick Kerrigan June 17, 2018 / 9:35 pm

    I am bothered by the idea that we have not come up with a plan to deal with convicted serial killers. This guy Haskins is convicted of some murders and gets executed. Yet, we think that he may be connected to other unsolved cases. But, we can’t revive him and ask him about unsolved cases. So sure maybe the other families got some sort of closure. But, what about the families of other possible victims.

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