So I am a dog mom now

These past several days I’ve had a guest, and we’ve been doing quite delightful but exhausting labor. He left this morning and I went to do what I had been postponing until his departure: adopt my mom’s dog.

I had made the decision to adopt her about two weeks ago, but had in the intervening time been getting materials etc. together, and it would have been inconvenient if she’d been here at the same time as my guest. But now she is here. Meet Kinsey:


Before I let her in the house I gave her a thorough brushing, and she will need more of that as she’s shedding. Michael and I are going to give her a bath outside tomorrow; she smells pretty bad. I just got back from taking her for her first walk in her new home. She sniffed many things, went #1 and drank from a puddle.

The cats are very suspicious about the huge furry creature currently occupying their mom’s office, but Kinsey has paid almost no attention to them in the limited opportunities she’s had. I’ve got the office door shut right now, as Kinsey is out of her crate and chilling on the ground behind me.

After she gets her bath and doesn’t smell so much we’ll see about letting her explore the rest of the house. The plan is, until she and the cats are used to each other, to leave the office door open but crate her whenever the humans are out of the house.

I’m hoping one of these times I might return home to find the cats and Kinsey in my office sniffing each other through the bars. I think they will grow to tolerate each other pretty soon and who knows, maybe they will be friends.

Kinsey’s flea treatment has worked and the hair is already growing back on her bald spot. I think she’s got some mats on her haunches as she doesn’t like me brushing there, but that’s what really needs brushing the most. Michael will help me. He isn’t terribly enthusiastic about getting a dog, being more of a cat person, but he is committed to letting her live out her senior years here. I wouldn’t have taken her otherwise.

MP of the week: Jessie Barnes

This week’s featured missing person is Jessie Barnes, a 28-year-old mentally disabled woman who disappeared from West Point, Mississippi, a small town in the northeast part of the state, on July 7, 2000.

Although she had mental challenges, Jessie was relatively high-functioning and would sometimes “drop out of sight for a few days.” Her family got concerned and reported her missing after ten days because her grandma had died and she didn’t show up for the funeral.

I think if she is alive (and this seems unlikely) she may be on the streets somewhere. She has a daughter, and if still alive she would be 46 years old today.

Pride Month: Hartanto Santoso

In honor of Pride Month I’m featuring a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer missing person every day for the month of June. Today’s case is Hartanto Teguh Santoso, a bisexual man who disappeared from Kirkland, Washington on February 19, 2001, at the age of 31.

Santoso was an immigrant from Indonesia who worked as a nursing assistant to help support a large family back in his native country. What’s happened to him isn’t a mystery: he was abducted from his apartment and murdered by his former friend, Kim Heichel Mason. Mason is serving life without parole for the murder.