8 thoughts on “I did it again!

  1. Kat September 24, 2012 / 3:21 pm

    You can indeed, but, if I may say so without seeming a total witch….person of the week? And yes, I did refresh.

    • Meaghan September 24, 2012 / 4:48 pm

      Missed it last week. It’ll change tomorrow.

  2. Kat September 24, 2012 / 11:14 pm

    Random question time again..was Christina Carter ruled out as Michael Hughes mother?

    • Lori September 25, 2012 / 2:12 am

      Sadly yes she was, according to Matt Birkbeck

      • Kat September 25, 2012 / 10:43 am

        Thank you, I couldn’t remember and boy do they look alike.

      • Princess Shantae September 26, 2012 / 3:38 pm

        That crossed my mind too when I first saw Christina’s picture. Their coloring is similar and so is their hair styles, and they’re both pretty girls, but their bone structure is different. Christina was pretty, and she’d grow up to be a pretty woman, but she wasn’t going to be as striking as Tanya/Sharon/Suzanne, Michael Hughes’s mother.

  3. Christine September 25, 2012 / 12:20 pm

    You are on on roll, thanks for the updates!

  4. CarlK90245 September 30, 2012 / 11:08 am

    Dang – My computer has been in the shop for two weeks, and I finally got it back Friday. That just happened to be the same two weeks you found your mojo on doing updates!!! (LOL).

    Between the 80 or so NamUs updates and two weeks of Charley updates, It took nearly all day yesterday to update my spreadsheet.

    Great job though. Keep the updates rolling. Charley is still by far the best source for MP info.

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