Good news, I think, maybe

I have on Kerry Lynelle Johnson‘s casefile that the cops have lost her dental records and lost touch with her family, which makes her body well nigh impossible to identify if she’s a Jane Doe somewhere. Well, Kerry’s NCMEC poster now has a new picture of her and some additional information about her disappearance.

I’m thinking the police are back in touch with her family.

Missing children cases with just enough details to drive you crazy

Much as I hate it when I have a case with no information at all, I hate it almost as bad when I have just a few weird, tantalizing details that leave me bewildered.

Marc James-Warren Allen: One of three boys in the same age group who disappeared from Des Moines in the early- to mid-eighties. You might have heard of Johnny Gosch and Eugene Martin. So why has no one heard of Marc?
Steven Eugene Anderson and David Williams: Students at a facility for retarded males who apparently wandered off campus and vanished without a trace. They were not the only ones either. Bizarre.
Marble Ace Arvidson: The police seem to be just as puzzled by this case as I am.
Jeanine Camille Barnwell: “She was last seen by her mother. Police suspect foul play.” Oh-kay…what does THAT mean? Does the NCMEC poster mean to imply her mother did her in? No idea.
Kimberly Janis Boyd: Disappeared with Mom and Mom’s friend en route to a gospel concert. Their car was found abandoned — Mom’s friend’s husband found it. Foul play is suspected. You’d think the disappearance of three people all at once would attract some attention, but I can find nothing on this. I can’t find any information on the two women, except their names.
Allen Briscoe and Christine Green: Two black teenagers, both students at the same high school, who disappeared months apart in 1985. The police think the cases could be related but I’m not sure why.
Barbara Burhans: Kid disappeared with both her parents. Their car turned up at the bottom of a gorge. Accident? No idea.
Marco Antonio Cadenas: The police seem to have thought he ran away, at first. But how far could a nine-year-old get?
Cynthia Coon: “Cynthia called her family members on April 1, 1970 and April 2, 1970 [more than two months after she disappeared]. She did not know her whereabouts at the time of the two telephone conversations. Cynthia has not been heard from again. Her relatives received an extortion-type phone call on May 5, 1970, nearly four months after she disappeared. There has not been any other communication regarding Cynthia’s case since that time.”
Stephanie Lyn Crane: Seemingly vanished into thin air. I never was able to find much on this, but I wonder about “five to ten persons of interest.”
Chris Andrew Cunningham: Disappeared with his mother, Lesa. Besides “suspicious circumstances” I’ve got nothing.
Asha Degree: A lot like Marco Cadenas’s case: she obviously left home voluntarily, and if she was a few years older this would be a straightforward runaway case. But she was only ten. Where’d she go, and why? What happened to her?
Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano: “It has been established that Michelle was in the company of a family acquaintance sometime after her initial disappearance. The individual has since returned to Puerto Rico, but Michelle has not been located.” Oh-kay. What happened there?
Leon Antony Green: “He disappeared in the company of his non-custodial father, Junior Lee Smith, and his non-custodial paternal grandmother, Merline Wright… He and Wright were later located without Leon, and Smith admitted to disposing of Leon’s body.” Yet no charges were filed.
Claudia Jareth Guillen: A baby, vanished with her mother, who was also called Claudia. Parent/child disappearances interest me. They’ve been gone almost eight years. Curious that little Claudia has no AP.
Justin Phillip Harris: Runaway? Family abducted? Stranger abducted? This kid could not have survived on his own for long.
Jeremiah Huger: I really wish I knew more about this. It seems that, if there were witnesses and everything, there ought to be more information available. This case would have qualified for an Amber Alert, if they’d had them back in the day.
Tracy Anne King: For a long time this was listed on NCMEC as a runaway; now it’s non-family abduction. The children’s home she was staying in, Hoffman Homes, is still around and bills itself as a residential treatment center for kids with psychiatric problems. Their website says that from 1960 to 1990 it functioned as a home for “court adjudicated youth.”
Alexandra McIntire: “Her caregiver took her to visit relatives in South Africa and never returned her. Authorities believe she was sold for adoption.” I would love to hear the full story behind this.
Garnell Monroe Moore: One of the saddest cases on the Charley Project, imho. How can a kid be missing for that long and no one even notices?
Maribel Oquendo-Carrero: I’ve seen this listed as a family abduction, and as endangered missing. Her NCMEC poster makes no mention of it being a possible family abduction. Even her date of disappearance is in doubt.
Angela Loraine Westberry: Disappeared with a boat and three other people and I have a name and age for one of them, and nothing on the others, and no photographs.
Quinn Renard Woodfolk: Eleven-year-old boy, hanging with drug dealers. Nice.
Fred Wright: “He disappeared during the evening hours and was last seen by an adult male who was inside the house at the time.” Who was the adult male? Dad? Brother? Visitor? His sister or someone put up a Facebook page for him but there’s not much on it, alas.