Computer’s trashed again

More malware. I can’t figure out how I keep getting this stuff. I have anti-virus protection. I don’t hang around MySpace, YouTube or Facebook very much. Shrug.

Michael has ran like three or four different scanners through the computer and none of them can find anything, in spite of the fact that there obviously is something there. Cause every time I try to open any program a message pops up saying “you can’t open this because you have a bunch of evil viruses, pay us $49.99 and we’ll get rid of them.” Riiight. So Michael threw up his hands and it was either my brother or the computer repair people that Michael knows who are cheaper than the Geek Squad. I didn’t want to use my brother because that would involve a) driving to Dayton and back and b) getting my brother in my business, so I took it to the repair shop.

They say I can have it back Friday. Till then, my online activity will be catch-as-catch-can.