Make-a-List Monday: Cross tattoos

This list is of MPs who have a tattoo of a cross somewhere. Very common. Can be very easy to make.

These days I’m getting a lot of photos of tattoos off of the MP’s personal Facebook pages from before they disappeared, cause loads of people who get a new tat want to show it off on Facebook. There was this one time I remember when an MP’s Facebook page was full of these tattoo photos and I thought they were his and he must be covered in them. I was saving every image to put in his casefile, then came to realize he was actually a tattoo ARTIST and most of the tattoos on his Facebook, though “his”  in a sense, were not on his body. Fortunately I figured this out before I finished writing up the case and not after I posted it.

  1. Raymond Paul Akins
  2. Anna Marie Anderson
  3. David Michael Bacon
  4. Keith Michael Bamford
  5. David Sam Bartlett Jr.
  6. Fernando Castillo Benitez Jr.
  7. Joseph Brandon Benton
  8. Stephanie Lynn Benton
  9. Gary Paul Bergstrand
  10. Ben David Bingham
  11. David Wayne Blizzard
  12. Jody Lynn Brant
  13. Andrew Paul Brosseit
  14. Deandre Nativoni Brown
  15. Ashley Marie Carroll
  16. Doris Wade Carter
  17. Richard Victor Clark II
  18. Jeremiah Matthew Claypool
  19. Donald Kay Cloud
  20. Christopher George Cochron
  21. David Alan Cohen
  22. Frank E. Connell
  23. Norma Cheryl Cornelius
  24. Andrea Leigh Cotten
  25. William Francis DiSilvestro IV
  26. Marie Chantal Delly
  27. Nancy Zoe Dennis
  28. Kenny Dwayne Ebarb
  29. Madeline Kelly Edman
  30. Theresa M. Fishbach
  31. Bryan Keith Fisher
  32. Jose Angel Fuentes Jr.
  33. Kianna Galvin
  34. Sandra Mason Gann
  35. Martin Alan Gentry
  36. Omar Jabree Gibson
  37. Kori A. Glossett
  38. Steven Michael Godwin
  39. Karen Faye Heim
  40. Michael Duane Hissom
  41. Joshua Davaughn Hollie
  42. Laura Anne Hook
  43. Brian Neil Hooks
  44. Anthony Lamar Horner
  45. Michelle Lyn Hutchings
  46. Kent Jacobs
  47. Michael Lamont Jones
  48. Stanley L. Kennard
  49. Keith Allan Kirby
  50. Julian Rene Kirchoff
  51. Brianne Michelle Kruse
  52. Heather Anne Lacey
  53. Larry Richard Lacy
  54. Patricia Ann Lalonde
  55. Margaret Leader
  56. Ruth Ann Leamon
  57. Ashley S. Legare
  58. Evelin Milena Lemus
  59. Amy L. Lovely
  60. Brandi Jo Malonson
  61. Joseph Arthur Martin Jr.
  62. Randy David McBee
  63. David Walter McEntire
  64. Deanna Michelle Merryfield (maybe)
  65. Luther Michael Moore
  66. Sophia Felecita Moreno
  67. Francisco Javier Nino-Vasquez
  68. Bernadine Paul
  69. Leah Rachelle Peebles
  70. Ismael Perez Gomez
  71. Jeffrey Bernt Peskin
  72. Jamie Nichole Peterson
  73. Milton Ramirez
  74. William Carl Reed
  75. Robin Lynn Ricci
  76. Eryk Krystyphyr Richards
  77. Chaz Alfred Richardson
  78. Kara Denora Rigdon
  79. Lonnie Michael Rodriguez
  80. Tomas Rodriguez-Romero
  81. Joseph Thomas Rodziewicz Jr.
  82. Jason Joseph Ryan
  83. Maria Salas
  84. Abel Calderon Salgado
  85. Jason William Noble Saul
  86. Robert L. Shaffer
  87. James Bryan Shepard
  88. Danielle Marie Sleeper
  89. William Paul Smolinski Jr.
  90. Clyde Daniel Stewart
  91. Joshua Jerome Tessmer
  92. Jacob Lewis Tipton
  93. Gaetano Richard Vallese
  94. Barry Kendal Vedder
  95. Michael Jay Amico Wallace
  96. Grongie Ward
  97. Michael Way
  98. Paulette S. Webster
  99. Dennis Marshal Weeks
  100. Kelly Allison Whiddon
  101. Jimmy Lewis Williams III
  102. Tony Eugene Woodworth
  103. Carmela Mildred Yacavino

5 thoughts on “Make-a-List Monday: Cross tattoos

  1. Kriss November 21, 2017 / 7:24 am

    Brook Lynn Peck (Brooklyn / missing from New Port Richey 26th October 2015) has a tattoo of a black cross on her left wrist. This is not highlighted in her case file, probably because of the large number of tattoos she has. I thought it is good to mention her name. This woman was dealt a bad hand in life and the Pasco Sheriff’s Department doesn’t seem to be motivated to investigate her disappearance. (Source: at 2.46) Also, from several Facebook posts by her family, she seems to be missing a finger.

  2. marsyao November 23, 2017 / 11:22 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving, Meaghan! Saw your new feeds on facebook, do you have a personal life, I wonder? Forgive me if I am a little intrusive here, not my intention, wish you the best

    • Meaghan November 24, 2017 / 7:04 am

      Yeah, I’ve got one. It’s not terribly exciting but it’s there. I went out to a Japanese restaurant with Michael’s family for Thanksgiving — that is their tradition — and avoided my own, due to past issues. It was M’s mother’s birthday so we had cake and ice cream when we got home and then we all napped and M and his dad went to a hockey game and I played on the phone and watched TV and M’s Mom read a book.

      We just got a new Purple mattress and I’m in love with it. For the past several months we’ve been sleeping on a broken mattress and it’s been awful. But M finally got the Purple one. When it arrived earlier this week I thought I’d surprise him and set it up for him while he was at work. I actually hurt myself wrestling with this huge 143 pound floppy mattress. Then it turned out to be a comedy of errors cause I didn’t know he’d also bought a new platform bed. So when he got home we had to take the bed apart again and set it all up again. Not fun. But the mattress is terrific.

      • marsyao November 24, 2017 / 11:43 am

        LOL, I can imagine but kind of sweet, yes? You have done a lot of good things to this society, not many people can claim that, all we want is you be happy, girl, may you always have a wonderful life

  3. Patrick Kerrigan November 24, 2017 / 12:04 am

    I found an message on, in regards a woman seeking her natural father. It appears that Randy David McBee might be one of her uncles. Her natural father is either a Michael Phillip McBee or Phillip Michael McBee, according to one of the responses.

    It needs more research on my end, at the library. One way to avoid Black Friday crowds.

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