The Facebook gods smile upon me again

So a week or so ago the Charley Project’s Facebook page inexplicably tanked and all the sudden no one was seeing the posts, no one was liking or sharing or commenting on any of my posts. Now, equally inexplicably, the page’s reach has returned to normal. Shrug. I am glad of it, anyway.

I have no idea how online algorithms and analytics and whatnot work. Sometimes I wish I did. I was reading about the guy behind the hugely popularĀ Twitter account that rates dogs, and he makes a six-figure annual income just from that account, like from selling ad space and merch. Which isn’t to say he isn’t doing anything. He pays very close attention to the analytics and, out of hundreds of dog pictures submitted for consideration every day, he selects the one he thinks will get the most likes and shares, and then after posting a tweet he keeps an eye on it for like fifteen minutes and if it’s not getting an acceptable number of likes and shares, he deletes it and tries again with another dog, another tweet.

So anyway. The most popular story on Charley’s Facebook at present is this one about Shawn Hornbeck’s family. Sadly, Shawn’s stepfather has passed away from cancer at only 57. He had help raise Shawn from infancy and Shawn and his siblings thought of him as their father. Another really popular story is this one, about a Chinese man who was found alive and well, eighteen years after his abduction at the age of three.

The story I would recommend, which hasn’t gotten much attention since I posted it during the time Facebook was ignoring me: this one. The headline basically says it all: “A Girl, 15, Reported a Sexual Assault, Then the Detective Abused Her, Too.”

I’m sure he had other victims as well.

Shawn Hornbeck on Jaycee Dugard

This is old news, a month and a day old in fact, but I thought I’d post about this interview Shawn Hornbeck gave to People magazine about Jaycee Dugard. He says she was undoubtedly brainwashed and will need a great deal of therapy and should move on from the attack — pretty obvious. It sounds like Shawn is doing well, and I’m glad to hear that. He has such a nice smile.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…

I am twenty-four years old today. Woo.

My parents gave me a sweatshirt (handpainted with a stack of books; I didn’t have the heart to tell Mom she spelled the word “Heroes” wrong in one of the titles), a pair of hand-knitted socks (I collect them) and money to go get myself a massage. Meh. I will wait to see what Michael and his parents have in store for me.

Last year my friend Jeff gave me a $150 bottle of absinthe. Then I accidentally broke it before I could try any. I was seriously pissed off.