MP of the week: Dolly Hall

This week’s featured missing person is Dolly Loucina Hall, a 42-year-old white woman who was last seen in Bradley, Florida on January 19, 2019. Dolly has brown hair and blue eyes, and is 5’2 and 110 pounds. She’s got a couple of tattoos, her ears and nose are pierced, she has a mole on her upper cheek and her nickname is Dee.

I don’t have anything much about her disappearance, other than the fact that the very last post publicly visible on the Facebook page was written the day she went missing and says:

Just wanted to say im getting married to the man i’ve waited my hole life for.Thank you God for putting him back in my life.And im given up facebook and messager. Bye everyone and i hope everyone gets what their looking for in life cause i know i have.

Maybe she really did get married, but wouldn’t they have been able to locate her by checking state marriage registries and see which city/state she married in, and then searching there? It seems equally likely that this post was a lie and written (either by Dolly herself or by someone else) in an effort to cover up whatever caused her disappearance. But there is insufficient information to really say what occurred here.

This kind of reminds me of the Beverly Sharpman case. Beverly also left a statement saying she was getting married, and also, if she got married it wasn’t under real name because they couldn’t find a record of her marriage. But Beverly disappeared quite a few decades ago, and at the time she was young enough to have been Dolly’s daughter.

I hope Dolly is happy and okay. I hope she calls home soon.

6 thoughts on “MP of the week: Dolly Hall

  1. Craig February 24, 2022 / 12:25 pm

    Interesting that she lists herself as Pittman on FB but it sounds like most sources have her as Hall.

    • Meaghan March 1, 2022 / 12:33 am

      Pittman was probably her maiden name or a previous married name.

  2. Jenn L February 25, 2022 / 1:45 am

    I hope she’s okay and alive but honestly after going through her Facebook and the guy she was with until she suddenly just wasn’t, seems VERY suspicious. And her last post- the style and mispellings seem very similar to his. He’s just very unstable and obsessed with her and I think he did something to her and posted her last post, personally.

  3. anon1 March 4, 2022 / 3:08 am

    Someone needs to pass along Danny Cochran’s name. On the post where she announces her marriage he is going off and on his own page that day he calls her a bitch. Months later he is still posting about her and calling her a bitch. He needs to be looked at, very unstable person.

    • Meaghan March 4, 2022 / 3:09 am

      I expect someone probably already has. Probably several someones.

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