Does anyone recognize this woman?

[EDIT: Mystery solved! And I feel slightly annoyed with myself. See the comments section for deets.]

The other day WTVM did an article about missing people from Columbus, Georgia area. It talks about five people, but there’s an accompanying montage of photographs that shows SIX people. Five of them are the missing people mentioned in the article, but the sixth, a young black or biracial woman with a blonde afro, is not mentioned and I do not recognize her. I checked on NamUs and she doesn’t appear to be on there either; at least no one by that description is listed as missing from Columbus, Georgia.

In case the article goes away, I have the image shown below:


It’s the woman in the top middle photo. I wrote to the reporter who wrote the article to ask who she is, but he didn’t get back to me. Does anyone know who she might be?


Make-a-List Monday: Praying hands

After a bit of a break, the Monday lists return with a list of people with tattoos of praying hands. It seems like a fairly common tattoo design, especially for religious people.

  1. Peiarre Lee Canty
  2. Autumn Starr Cerenil-Lee
  3. Bronson Leo Guillen
  4. Paul Richard Hodgden
  5. Matthew Ellis Keith
  6. Julian Rene Kirchhoff
  7. Delwin Locklear
  8. Jeremy Michael Thomas