Digital footprints

I will be posting the case of the disappearance of a pair of sisters, Zemleh and Hanan Al-Nahardy. They ran away from Detroit last fall. Normally I like my runaways to have been gone for a year or more before I post them, but the fact that they’re sisters and young–Zemleh was only thirteen, Hanan a year older–caught my eye.

I found a Facebook page of someone who looks very much like Zemleh and has the exact same name minus the hyphen, and lists her place of residence as Detroit. Her profile says she can speak Arabic and German. Although she claims she is married, it probably is my Zemleh. Annnd although I couldn’t find a FB profile for Hanan, I found a photo blog in her name that has, among other pics, the same one used on her missing child poster.

So wherever they are, they’re active on the web. Not unusual for runaways. They may even be in some communication with their parents or whoever is looking for them. Probably law enforcement is aware of this too. But a runaway must be physically located before you can say they’re “found.”