Oh well, no list for us

Given the rather more exciting than usual presidential election season going on at present — 22 days to go, people, don’t forget to vote! — I thought I might do a Make-a-List Monday of people who disappeared on Election Day throughout the years. So I dug up this list of presidential election dates throughout American history and compared it to my chronological listings and came up with…doodly squat. Almost.

It turns out that only one person in the Charley Project database fits that criteria: Wilbert Martin, a mentally disabled Native American man who was last seen in Klagetoh, Arizona (pop. 242) on November 2, 2004. George Bush and John Kerry were in the running for president. Bush won, obviously.

One person does not a list make, but I thought I’d profile this case on my blog anyway.

MP of the week: Wilbert Martin

This week’s featured missing person is Wilbert Martin, a Navajo Indian who vanished from tiny Klagetoh, Arizona nine years ago. I don’t have much info on his disappearance, but he was mentally handicapped and his family believes he could be institutionalized in Arizona or New Mexico and may not know his identity. Wilbert has several distinguishing characteristics, including screws or pins in his knee and on both sides of his jaw, possibly a metal plate in his head, and multiple scars.