MP of the week

I had a really great time at my boyfriend’s family reunion this past weekend. I saw people I hadn’t seen in two years and won’t see for another two, and everyone was happy to see me and we all got on spendidly. I got a t-shirt for my trouble, too. I’d post a picture of me wearing it but it’s got his last name on it and I think he’d object.

Anyway, for my missing person of the week, it’s Wendall Elton Lankford. This case is one a you might call “underexposed.” Other people would call it “boring.” It is one of those “few details are available” cases which I haven’t updated since I first created the casefile in the autumn of 2010. He was 42 years old when he disappeared from the tiny town of Coldspring (pop. 853 at last count) in eastern Texas on September 6, 2008.