Two Melissa McGuinn articles

Seven-month-old Melissa McGuinn disappeared 24 years ago yesterday, and I found this article and this article about the case. There hasn’t been much publicity about it, although I think there would have been more if she had disappeared in 2012 instead of 1988. Melissa’s mother is still alive and hoping she’ll be found, and she has two brothers (one older, one younger). Her father died in 2008.

It’s a strange one: Melissa’s parents’ mentally disabled roommate, Wanda Reed, took the baby for a walk and came back without her less than ten minutes later. She told at least three different stories, none of them terribly plausible, about what happened, and that’s all anyone knows. Reed has the mental capacity of a four- to seven-year-old and it’s possible she doesn’t even really know what happened. I’m not even going to hazard a guess.