Today in previous years

I can’t sleep tonight so I wound up checking my blog entries for June 29 on previous years. I began the blog in late 2008. There’s nothing from this day in 2009, 2010 or 2011, but on June 29, 2012 I (tongue in cheek) threatened to commit suicide after I counted my backlog and realized it was 987 cases. (The total is a lot higher now.)

On this date in 2013 I directed readers to Sean Munger’s coverage of Scott Hilbert‘s disappearance, and also noted that I was in the process of purging casefiles.

A year ago today was a Make-a-List Monday and a short commentary on a presumed-dead MP who basically died of stupidity. In the latter entry, questions were raised in the comments section about whether one of the photos I posted for Zulma Pabon was really her. (It turned out it wasn’t. Not my fault; the Virginia State Police posted the wrong pic. I think they might have pulled the picture from a driver’s license database and it was a different person with the same name.) I also griped about a case where the Alabama MP database made it look like James Aaron Toole disappeared 19 YEARS after he actually went missing.

Carry on.

New APs and one new pic

Earl Kidder has a new picture added, and the following cases have new age-progressions:

  1. Briana Ochoa
  2. Mindy Ochoa
  3. Tania Ochoa
  4. Jack Daniel Phillips
  5. Kawan K. Pryor

Whaddaya know!

You might recall a bit of commentroversy last summer when I added a photo to Zulma Pabon’s casefile that looked nothing like all the other pictures. I had gotten the photo from the Virginia State Police and I called them and they swore it was legit, but I decided to remove it.

Well, I don’t know if it was my inquiry that set things in motion or what, but if you go to the Virginia State Police MP listings now and scroll down, you’ll find the old photo of Zulma replaced by two ones that are definitely her.

MP of the week: Linda Evans Lunsford

This week’s featured missing person is Linda Evans Lunsford, who disappeared from Virginia the day after Christmas in 1996. She was 38 years old, with five children, whom she supported by working three jobs.

Lunsford’s family and the cops believe her former boyfriend, who was a coworker, may have been involved in her disappearance. According to this article,

After Lunsford’s disappearance, a search warrant of her former boyfriend’s home turned up nothing. Police found out he’d purchased trash can, lighter fluid and duct tape using his credit card just days before Lunsford went missing. “But he couldn’t produce these,” said Rose. Although police suspect Lunsford met with foul play and her ex-boyfriend could be somehow involved, there has never been enough evidence to link anyone to the crime.

I haven’t found any news on the case since 2012. Linda’s kids are grown now, of course, and have produced quite a lot of offspring themselves, who have never met their grandmother.

Missing Person of the Week: Robert Leroy Kovack

On request, Robert Leroy Kovack is the missing person of the week. (I’ve finally changed it.) To all intents and purposes things were going marvelously for him in September 1998. He was about to finish graduate school and had already gotten a job in his field. He had some credit card debt, but that’s normal.

Then he was gone. And no one seems to know why.

I would think it was one of those “MP in car in water somewhere” cases except for the fact that his car turned up abandoned and out of gas.

Maybe Kovack had secrets in his life that no one knew about, even now. Maybe something happened to him while he was walking down the road to get gas. I really can’t speculate any more on this one. His case reminds me of Jason Jolkowski‘s in that they were both healthy, happy young men who vanished seemingly without rhyme or reason.

Zulma Pabon’s photo, part deux

I have had some consideration and thought about what the commenters on this blog have had to say, and decided to remove the disputed photograph of Zulma Lexandra Pabon, the one everyone thinks looks nothing like the others. Because, in spite of the Virginia State Police’s reassurances, I’m still not sure it’s her. The different hair and darker skin tone could conceivably be explained by makeup, hair dye/perm, lighting, etc. But it’s the chin that gets me: the woman in the first photo has an almost triangular face, with a very sharp chin. In the other photos Zulma’s face looks rounder, even square-ish, with a much less pronounced chin.

So the photo’s gone. It’s not like I don’t already have a bunch of others. And if it turns out, down the line, that I find out for sure that picture from the VA state police site really is of her, I can just put it back up.

Zulma Pabon’s photo

Two people have asked, so I thought I would make a statement about the first photograph in Zulma Pabon‘s casefile. Yes, I know it doesn’t look like the other ones. But yes, I believe it’s really her, unless the Virginia State Police really screwed up, cause that’s where I got the picture from.

[EDIT: Okay, I just called up the Virginia State Police myself and brought it to their attention. They assured me that this really is her photograph, provided to them by the Chesterfield Police, and it’s a driver’s license picture. DMV photos never seem to look much like you anyway, and perhaps this is an older one or something. But it really is her.]

Select It Sunday: Hattie Brown

This week’s Select It Sunday case was chosen by Ted: Hattie Gertrude Brown, age 48, missing from Halifax County, Virginia since May 16, 2009. Hattie dropped her adult nephew, Derek Brown, off at a party in the wee hours of the morning and was last seen in her car afterwards. The car was found abandoned and burned months later. Derek is considered a possible suspect in her case, but he’s never faced charges.

I found this article published on May 13 this year, which provides a little more info than I had previously: notably, that she left behind “critical” medication. I had known she was taking medicine and left it behind but didn’t realize it was “critical.” Since she went missing a few of her eleven siblings have died.

Flashback Friday: David Blockett

This week’s Flashback Friday case is David Ezell Blockett, who was only two weeks old when he was abducted by a “social worker” from his Newport News, Virginia home on December 11, 1980. His older brother was also taken but was found abandoned, unharmed, later that day in a town ten miles away. The boy was just old enough to sort of remember what happened, but his recollections haven’t been of much use and there’s been no sign of David or his abductor since 1980.

Two of David’s nephews were abducted by a stranger, a mentally ill woman, thirty years later. The boys turned up alive and the abductor was sent to a mental institution. The one incident has nothing to do with the other but I did note it in David’s file just cause it’s a weird coincidence.

David’s mother died young but his brother is still alive and, I’m sure, would like to be reunited with his lost sibling. The case has never been closed and there’s no reason to suppose David is dead. Somewhere out there, there’s probably a 34-year-old man who doesn’t know who he is, and perhaps doesn’t even know that he doesn’t know.