Three articles on three really old, cold cases

Read em’ and weep:

I have this Press-Enterprise article on the 39 1/2 year-old disappearance of Debra Pscholka.


I have this Baltimore Sun article on the almost 29-year-old disappearance of Toya Hill.


I have this AOL News article on the 22 1/2 year-old disappearance of Scott Kleeschulte.

Prior to this, I didn’t have much on any of these three.

(I credit Jamie for telling me about Scott’s article. Indirectly, she also helped me find Debra’s article.)

Pay dirt again

One of my contributors sent me some articles for some of the kids on my “cases I know hardly anything about” list, so I can update their cases soon. The articles for Jackie Hay and Toya Hill didn’t say a lot, but Francillon Pierre‘s was most interesting. His mom and stepdad had been charged with felony child abuse for beating him before he disappeared, but for some reason they still had custody when they told the police he’d wandered off at a flea market. They said they didn’t want his disappearance publicized. (Are they even TRYING to look innocent?) Bio-dad’s in the clear. As I suspected, Francillon is of Haitian descent; his dad lives in Haiti.