MP of the week: Timothy Geren

I’ve finally changed the missing person of the week for the first time in over a month. (Flashback Friday and Select It Sunday will resume this weekend, barring any unexpected events.) It’s Timothy Soloman Geren, missing from Modesto, California since March 22, 2012. He was 32 years old at the time and would be 36 today if he’s still alive.

I did some searching to see if I could come up with more info and found an entry in the CDOJ database which has another photo of him, and this Crime Stoppers page that has a small tidbit of additional info. He had just been released from jail when he disappeared — on what charge, I don’t know. I found this document that says he was convicted of car theft and drunk driving in 2009 and sentenced to four years. I wonder if that’s the offense. A release in 2012 would be about right, time-wise, assuming he got out early on parole or whatever, but it says he was released from jail, not state prison.

Anyway, beyond that I have absolutely nothing on Geren and haven’t updated his case since it got posted almost three years ago. If he was on parole from early release from prison, you’d think they’d list him as a fugitive rather than a missing person. The fact that he’s listed as missing rather than a fugitive may indicate the cops think something bad happened to him — but I don’t even know if he was actually on parole when he disappeared, or if his prior criminal activities are at all related to his disappearance.

MP of the week cases like this one present a dilemma: I want to take the opportunity to publicize cases that haven’t had much or any press, but those same cases hardly make for gripping material for this blog.

Geren does have loads of distinctive tattoos worth noting, though.