Annnnnd more info on Timothy Carney

A lot of people have asked me about Timothy Carney, who disappeared from Butler, New Jersey in 2004. I found out last month that he was located, but under what circumstances I had no idea. Well, Jamie has sent me this article: Carney was actually found last September — seven years almost to the day after he vanished — and he’s alive and well, but he doesn’t want his family and friends to know where he is. Due to privacy laws, all the cops could do was say they’d found him and he was okay. So they closed his case. I had figured that was probably what happened, but it’s nice to have an article confirming it.

However, I don’t think it’s nice that the article says “Timothy Carney was never missing at all” just because he had left of his own accord. Plenty of people walk out of their lives and leave their families frantic, and just because they did it intentionally doesn’t mean they are not missing. You can say “Timothy Carney was never in danger” or something, but you cannot say he wasn’t missing, because he WAS missing for seven long years and the police and his family searched for him.

I hope he changes his mind and decides to at least give his mom and dad a phone call, or drop a postcard in the mail. I’m sure they would really appreciate it.