Four unhappily resolved cases

All in a very short time period I’ve got four people on my website who have been found deceased. From the bottom (I’ve decided, for no particular reason, to go in reverse alphabetical order):

Thomas Joel Zinza, age 42, who disappeared from Emlenton, Pennsylvania in February 2008. He left his home in Alaska, flew to Ohio, checked into a hotel in Pennsylvania and then vanished. His remains have been found in the ever-popular “wooded area” in Allegheny Township, Pennsylvania. Very little information is available, but the police don’t suspect foul play. Thomas suffered from schizophrenia and was apparently in crisis at the time of his disappearance, afraid people were trying to kill him. Thomas’s brother James, who was also thought to be mentally ill, disappeared from Arizona in 1992. No clues.

Dwight Nolan Tobyne, age 56, disappeared from Scottsdale, Arizona in November 2009. His disappearance wasn’t reported till July of this year because his wife, Shari, told everyone he’d gone on an extended trip. Dwight and Shari were having marital problems and Dwight had decided to separate after 35 years of marriage. Suspicion fell on Shari and the police put her under surveillance. In August, they arrested her for murder and she admitted to shooting Dwight, but said it was an accident. Well, the police have announced that parts of Dwight’s body were found in three different Arizona counties last December, but the connection to him wasn’t made until now. Shari is awaiting trial for first-degree murder.

Lisa Parker, 16, disappeared from Chicago, Illinois on April 17, 2007. This case was classified as a runaway. NCMEC notified me recently that she’d been found deceased, but I can’t find any information about this.

Dustin Ray Miller, 22, disappeared from Kings Mountain, North Carolina on August 12, 2009. Last month his body was found in a disused quarry, and then identified this month. No cause of death can be determined, and the police think this was either an accident or a suicide.