Theodore Wroblewski, missing 2 years, found dead in own house

79-year-old Theodore Wroblewski, who disappeared from Niagara Falls, New York back in February 2009, was found dead in his own basement on Thursday — crushed under a pile of his own stuff. It seems Wroblewski was a compulsive hoarder. Quote from the article:

Family members who had not seen him for several weeks reported Wroblewski missing on Feb. 12, 2009. City police searched his house that day, and twice more during the following month, but didn’t find him amid a stockpile of debris “from floor to ceiling, [in] the whole house,” said Capt. William M. Thomson, chief of detectives. “You can’t even adequately describe it.”

Wroblewski shared the house with his mother until she moved into a nursing home in 2008. The house was jammed with old newspapers and magazines, plastic bags, empty containers, cardboard boxes and scrap wood of all shapes and sizes, Thomson said.

Sounds like a serious fire hazard. From another article:

“Even as we were in there last night, it was difficult to reach the body,” Thomson said. “The basement was filled from the floor to ceiling with trash or treasures I guess they were to him. We would try to move things and other stuff would fall on us.”

Thomson said Wroblewski’s cousin had gained access to the Grand Avenue home last fall after estate proceedings. Since that time, he has been having the contents of the house hauled away by the truckload.

This is the second Charley Project case, and the third case profiled on my blog, where the MP was a compulsive hoarder and turned up on their own property, buried under a pile of their stuff. The other two were women, Billie Jean James and Eunice Burwell-Workman. Eunice was missing for six years, but Billie wasn’t missing long enough to be put on Charley.