CBI updates

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has made a lot of updates to their missing persons page, with more photos, more info on cases, etc. A lot of this was taken from the Charley Project. CBI’s Julie Cunningham page, for example, now has Ted Bundy’s description of her gravesite. They got that from me. Their Teresa Schmidt page has information from me, too. Teresa (Terry) Schmidt is the only MP case I have a personal connection to. She was a good friend’s unofficial foster mother — my friend ran away in high school and moved in with his friend who was Terry’s stepson, and stayed with them until adulthood because his real family didn’t miss him and never bothered to go and get him. That friend provided me with some information about the case that wasn’t published in the papers. Now that info is on the CBI site, without one lick of credit.

I don’t mind people copying Charley information. The more places the info is at, the more useful it is likely to be. Heck, I’m flattered. But it would have been nice if CBI had, like, sent me a thank-you email or something.