Some activity in the Teekah Lewis case

According to the Tacoma News Tribune, the cops searched the home of a guy named John William Black, looking for evidence in the 1999 disappearance of Teekah Lewis. Black pleaded guilty to attempting to “lure” a three-year-old girl from a bowling alley (Teekah also disappeared from a bowling alley) back in 2010, and was sentenced to twelve months in jail. Teekah’s mother, Theresa Lewis, says Black admitted to being in the bowling alley the night Teekah disappeared and said he spoke to her. But Black denies having ever met Teekah, and the police aren’t saying what lead them to search his house.

They don’t seem to have found much. Sigh. This is probably just another dead end.

Renewed interest in Teekah Lewis case

The thirteenth anniversary of Teekah Lewis‘s disappearance from a Tacoma, Washington bowling alley was on the 23rd. And the authorities are wondering if a serial predator might have been involved in her abduction:

  • Four months before Teekah vanished, a man molested a four-year-old boy in the bowling alley’s restroom.
  • A few weeks later, a stranger tried to lure a six-year-old boy at the same bowling alley.
  • Only a few hours before Teekah went missing, someone tried to abduct two children from a local park less than a mile from the bowling alley. He fled the scene in a Pontiac Trans Am — the same make of vehicle that was seen speeding from the bowling alley parking lot around the time Teekah disappeared.

For some reason the authorities didn’t put this all together until now, but needless to say they’re now looking into the possibility that all these incidents were connected.

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The Tacoma News Tribune