Skeleton found, could be Christine Markey or Tammy Mahoney

Authorities stated they’d found skeleton along Cowalson Creek in Oneida, New York. It should be relatively easy to identify because it’s a complete skeleton and the teeth are intact. So far they are thinking it’s either Christine Markey, a 22-year-old missing from Oneida since 1993, or Tammy Mahoney, 19, missing from Oneida since 1981. (I should add that Oneida is a pretty small town, population about 10,000. I’m surprised that two young girls are missing from a town that size. They don’t appear to be connected though.)

Normally I don’t post about found dead bodies, but I just had to do it this time, because of a comment on this article. Investigators believe Tammy Mahoney was gang-raped and murdered by some Oneida Indians from the reservation. There were supposedly loads of witnesses, but they are electing not to prosecute until her body is recovered. Anyway, someone said, If these are in fact Miss Mahoney’s remains, it proves she was never on our reservation. No one would drive way out to Canal Rd. to dispose of them.