Acquittal in Brewer/Travis murder case

The suspect in the murders of Tabitha Brewer, who disappeared from Shawnee, Kansas in April 1998 and was never found, and her boyfriend Nicholas Travis, who disappeared with her and was found deceased in August 1998, has been acquitted of both their murders. According to this article, the jury deliberated only four hours.

The defendant, Brandon Howell, will not be released, however. He’s still serving time for a number of crimes in connection with a 1999 home invasion robbery. His earliest possible release date is late next year, and I bet they won’t let him out then. Whether or not he killed Tabitha and Nicholas, he sounds like quite a nasty character.

Of course, Tabitha’s mom is pretty unhappy. She believes, probably correctly, that she’ll never find her daughter now.

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I couldn’t find many. This case didn’t get a lot of press.