Elisabeth Martinsson identified

21-year-old Elisabeth Martinsson disappeared from Kentsfield, California on January 17, 1982 (my idol Robert Cormier’s fifty-seventh birthday, incidentally). She was from Uddevalla, a city in southwestern Sweden, and had come to California to study. This article from an English-language Swedish publication says Elisabeth’s remains were found outside San Francisco “just a few years ago” but not identified till now.

Her body will be returned to Sweden to be buried with her parents.

The False Margaret

Another ET entry from me: The False Margaret, a 14th-century pretender to the Norwegian throne. We don’t know what her real name was, or what time of the year she did. Just the year of her death, 1301, and the fact that she pretended to be the long-dead Maid of Norway all grown up.

She was burned at the stake.

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Acquittal in Swedish murder-without-a-body case

I found this English-language article about a case I’d never heard of before, the August 2010 disappearance of Marina Johansson from Sweden. Her ex-boyfriend was charged with her murder two days after the disappearance was reported. There was some blood evidence located, but they never found Marina’s body and the suspect (who wasn’t identified in the article) was just acquitted.