Human remains NOT found in Susan Powell search

It was reported that human remains were found in the latest search for Susan Powell, a mother of two who disappeared from Utah in December 2009. The next day, however, the police issued a denial, saying that no remains have been found. I’m not really sure how the miscommunication happened, but it seems they’re still looking at the search site.

Susan Powell’s case has been in the news, particularly in her area, a great deal. She is a young, attractive white Mormon woman, which I’m sure helps. Her husband, Josh Powell, doesn’t seem to be too bright. The alibi he gave the police for the night of her disappearance — as a friend of mine said, a chimpanzee could have come up with a better story. Josh and his father have been trying to do everything they can to discredit Susan’s family and smear Susan’s reputation in the media, to the extent that they were going to publish her diaries from when she was 15 years old to show what a filthy-minded person she was. (Susan’s parents got a court order to stop the publication.) I didn’t know Susan and I don’t know Josh, obviously, what they’re doing is in very bad taste at minimum and if they’re trying to distract the police and the public from looking at Josh as a suspect, it’s not working.

Another Utahn, Steven Koecher, disappeared mysteriously at the same time Susan did and from the same general area. Josh has suggested that Susan and Steven ran off together, but there’s no evidence that they even knew each other at all.

Two articles about three cases

There is this article about the 1991 disappearance of Joshua Mahaffey from Centralia, Illinois. The prime, and only, suspect is Terry Martin, a longtime criminal/dirtbag with convictions including burglary, rape of a child and burglary. His most recent (alleged) offense is failure to register as a sex offender, but that case is still pending. Joshua Mahaffey was Martin’s accomplice in the burglary and later testified against him. He may have also been sleeping with Martin’s girlfriend. Quite a busy fifteen-year-old boy.

In the second article, Joshua Powell claims his wife Susan, who will have been missing for a year on December 7, ran away with Steven Koecher, a guy from the same area who disappeared a few days after Susan. Slight problem: the police had already investigated this theory and there’s no evidence that Susan and Steven knew each other or that their disappearances are connected. Joshua Powell claims that on the night of Susan’s disappearance, he suddenly decided it would be a very good idea to take their two toddler sons camping in subfreezing, rainy/snowy weather, and then he somehow forgot to go to work the next day, and when he returned to civilization Susan was gone, leaving all her worldly goods behind. It goes without saying that Susan had described Joshua as a very controlling, abusive man and planned to divorce him. Steven Koecher’s disappearance is a lot more mysterious. No one seems to know what might have happened to him, other than that it was nothing good.