Charges are about to filed in the Wallace Guidroz case

I just found this article about the disappearance of two-year-old Wallace Guidroz from a Tacoma, Washington park in 1983. His father, Stanley, said he’d been abducted. Wallace’s parents split up in 1985. His mother died, and the police lost track of Stanley until last year, when he stabbed his second wife to death in Louisiana.

Well, the article says that after Stanley’s trial for second-degree murder in Louisiana is over, he will return to Washington to answer to his suspected murder of little Wallace (he allegedly confessed to killing him). However, charges against him have NOT been filed in that case. I suppose there’s no particular hurry; Stanley will almost certainly be convicted in his wife Pepettra’s murder, and the sentence for that is life in prison. But the article left me a little confused, them saying Stanley would return to Washington like this was a fact, when in fact charges haven’t been filed yet and until they are, he isn’t going anywhere.