Wallace Guidroz case now a homicide

The 1983 disappearance of Wallace Guidroz, previously classified as a non-family abduction, has been reclassified as a homicide and they’ve issued a death certificate. They even listed a cause of death: blunt force injury to the head.

The police are not outright saying so, but it seems to me that Wallace’s father, Stanley, must have confessed to killing him, or admitted killing him, or something. Stanley doesn’t have anything to lose by confessing; he’s already facing a second-degree murder charge in Louisiana and I believe that carries a life sentence. Maybe he just wants to get it all off his chest. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’re going to find Wallace’s body, even if it was buried at the spot they’re searching at.

The case reminds me very much of the 2002 disappearance of Jahi Turner: the same age child, allegedly abducted from a park, last seen in the company of a male caregiver who is a suspect in his disappearance. Jahi’s stepfather was also later charged with an unrelated murder, but it didn’t stick. I don’t know where he is now, and I haven’t heard anything about Jahi’s case in a very long time.

Recent activity in the Wallace Guidroz case

Well, it looks like Wallace Guidroz‘s father, Stanley, killed him. Wallace was allegedly abducted from a park in Tacoma, Washington back in 1983, at the age of three. Stanley moved to Louisiana sometime after that and earlier this year he was arrested for murdering his wife (not Wallace’s mom, she died during the nineties).

Now, the police are calling Stanley a suspect in Wallace’s disappearance — a designation they’d not used before — and are digging at a location about four miles from the park Wallace was said to have disappeared from. They said they’re searching because of information provided to them by Stanley. It doesn’t take much to put two and two together.

It all makes me feel very sad. I don’t even have any really good photos of Wallace. I hope they find his body.