Ok, more info on the death of Eowynne Anderson

Just a few days ago I wrote how I found out that Eowynne Anderson (abducted by her mom) was dead and had been for a long time, but I didn’t know any details. Now, thanks to my good friend Annie Keller, I do know a few:

Eowynne died in Madrid in Spain at the age of four, less than a year after she went missing. Natural causes: heart failure, of unknown etiology. (At least, unknown to her left-behind family at this point.) Her father and stepmother found out about this when they located her death certificate.

I’m glad that she at least was not murdered, and that she (apparently) didn’t die of some piddling medical thing that could have been fixed with proper attention, like Diana Alagha did. (See Annie’s comment here for details on that particular tragedy.)

Meanwhile, Eowynne’s siblings Gisselle and Giovanni are still missing.