One of the Charley Project Irregulars (people who frequently send me information and links to articles about MPs; I took the term from Sherlock Holmes) sent me this article¬†about one Shonna Wesley, who’s been missing since 1981.

I wish the article had more information. Yes, it has a photograph — the only existing photograph, it says — of Shonna. They interviewed her daughter, who provided a few details about her disappearance. But:

  1. Exactly when did Shonna disappear? Do they even know? I’m thinking it was sometime in late May, but I’m not 100% sure on that.
  2. Can we have a physical description of Shonna?
  3. What about her age at least? Surely they know that?
  4. Where is a contact number to reach law enforcement in case you know anything?

That kind of stuff — or lack of stuff, really — drives me nuts.