Charley mentioned in news articles again

This article that mentions the Charley Project is about the disappearance of Eric Wayne Pyles, who disappeared from Pennsylvania almost twelve years ago. Its kind of a strange case.

Anyway, the article says, “The nonprofit National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,, and the independent group, The Charley Project, both have profiles of Pyles on their websites.” With actual clickable links there.

Which is nice, but I wish the news people would stop calling me a “group” or an “organization” or any of a number of incorrect appellations. I prefer to just call Charley a “missing persons database.”

Charley was also mentioned in this Washington Examiner article (I’m showing the cache of it, since the original link doesn’t work anymore) about Sherry Walker, who disappeared from Alexandria, VA in 2003. She had schizophrenia and had talked about checking herself into a hospital, so when she vanished, her neighbors thought she’d done just that and weren’t worried. The article quotes me saying she “had a habit of dropping out of sight.”