Finally some activity in the Shauna/Zaylee Fryar case

I wrote about missing baby Zaylee Fryar last summer. She vanished without a trace in 2011, along with her mother, Shauna Fryar. Shauna was found dead in a river several days later, but there was no sign of Zaylee. Well, after nearly four years the police have finally disclosed some information about the mother’s death: namely, that it was a homicide and they think she was killed in Millersville, Tennessee (the town she and Zaylee lived in and vanished from) and then taken to Nashville, Tennessee and dumped there. They haven’t disclosed the cause of death or much other information.

The local authorities are blaming the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for losing some records. The TBI claims they gave the records to the local LE. Shrug. There are two suspects in the case, neither of whom have been publicly named. Zaylee’s father is presumably not one of them as he was in jail when Shauna was killed.

Shauna’s death left one childĀ missing and six others without a mother. I can only hope that Zaylee is still alive. She turned four years old on the 14th of last month.


MP of the week: Zaylee Fryar

This missing person’s case of the week is Zaylee Grace Fryar, who at three months is perhaps the youngest MP of the week I’ve ever done. (Don’t quote me on that though.) Zaylee disappeared with her mother, Shauna, from Millersville, Tennessee on May 1, 2011. Less than a week later, Shauna’s body was pulled from a local river. It was so badly decomposed they never determined the cause of death, and they’re not sure if it was a murder or what. No sign of Zaylee. I should note that neither Shauna’s husband or Zaylee’s father are suspects in Shauna’s death or the baby’s disappearance.

This is a very mysterious and very sad case. I think Zaylee could still be alive — perhaps sold, or given, to someone — and I think, whether she’s alive or dead, her case could be solved if there was a lot more publicity. I haven’t updated the casefile since I added it to Charley in November 2011. Zaylee and Shauna were featured on America’s Most Wanted, but I don’t remember whether it was on the show itself or as a “web exclusive.” They got local publicity, nothing national. Zaylee’s being biracial, and her mom’s involvement with drugs, probably didn’t help. I bet if a beautiful young schoolteacher and her infant disappeared under similar circumstances it would be everywhere.

If she’s still alive, Zaylee would be three and a half today. Preschool age. I hope the NCMEC puts up an AP for her soon; the photos I have aren’t of the greatest quality and she looks like every other infant in the entire world. I wish some national news media, like Nancy Grace or that one show that profiles missing black people, would take hold of this case and run a show. Shauna’s got several other children whom, I’m sure, want to know what caused their mother’s death and where their sister is.

I hope I can get off my lazy butt and update today.

Added Zaylee Fryar today

I added the case of Zaylee Fryar today. It’s so sad. There’s been no news about her for months, though surely the toxicology results on her mother’s body must have come back by now and the police might have a better idea as to what the cause and manner of death were.

Zaylee’s mother, Shauna…wow. 28 years old. Eight kids under the age of twelve (one of whom pre-deceased her). Drug abuse history. None of the children, except Zaylee, were living with her, on account of her drug abuse problem. She’d been charged with child abuse and neglect before. But it seems like she had a lot of people who loved her, not the least her long-suffering husband.

From what little I know about the case I’d guess that Shauna took Zaylee and went out to get drugs, then had an accidental overdose and died, and whoever gave her the drugs, or whoever was with her, put her body in the river and did god-knows-what with the baby.

I hope the baby is still alive. She looks so adorable in the pictures. I wish this case had gotten more attention in the press; it might have been solved quickly if it had. There’s only been a few articles in Tennessee, where Zaylee disappeared from.