MP of the week: Sasha Davis

This week’s featured missing person (which I, erm, totally forgot to add yesterday) is Sasha Davis, but it’s actually  three people, not one: Sasha disappeared with her three-month-old daughter, Selah Davis, and an adult male companion, Jarib Bennett, who was not Selah’s father as far as I know.

The trio disappeared on February 15, 2008, from either the Bronx in New York City, or from Rochester, a city a good five and a half hours’ drive to the northwest. I put the Bronx because I usually list whichever city the MP was last in, but they were en route to Rochester  and their car turned up there, which is an indication — albeit not a conclusive indication — that they did arrive there.

There has been very little press attention on this case and I could find nothing at all for the past three years. The only new info my searches today turned up is that Selah’s middle name is Lee — I’ll add that. I wish I had more info and I wish some news outlet would cover the case: I mean, SOMETHING happened to these three, they can’t just have vanished into thin air. And it’s been eight and a half years.

I think foul play was probably involved and the two adults are no longer alive, although Selah might be. If she’s alive she would be nine years old in October.