Infant’s body identified…a very sad case

The police in Amarillo, Texas have identified the body of little Miguel Nunez, who was approximately eight months old when he disappeared in 2004. I didn’t have him on Charley and had, in fact, never heard of the case before. This is because his father, Robert Sanchez Nunez, had been trying for years to conceal the reasons for Miguel’s absence, claiming he was in Mexico, he was with relatives, etc. Meanwhile, Miguel’s body was hidden in an ice chest in somebody’s attic.

Because of decomposition, the authorities could not determine the cause of death. Right now the only thing they’ve got on Robert is perjury, for testifying falsely that Miguel was alive. I highly doubt this baby died of natural causes, though, and I hope they can find some way to make Robert pay for whatever role he played in Miguel’s death.