Jana Morton article with more details about the suspect

I found this article about Jana Michelle Morton, who’s been missing two years this month. But it’s really more about the prime suspect in her disappearance, Robert Mitchell Foust. The man sounds like a monster.

I can think of a lot of questions to ask the parole or probation or whoever authorities in North Carolina. Foust was sentenced to forty years in prison for second-degree murder. He got out after serving just thirteen. Less than half. Does that sound right to you? No. But moving on, usually when people are released from custody before their sentences are up they are on some kind of parole or probation and if they get arrested again they get returned to prison. It says Foust got arrested many times for serious, violent offenses. And apparently no one cared, and he just kept getting slapped on the wrist and let out again and again.

Well, now he’s been sentenced to forty years AGAIN and they swear they really mean it this time, no, really, they’re honestly not gonna let him out till 2073. Well, they’re a little late.