Robert Wykel’s killer gets 20 years

Myron Wynn, who was convicted of killing Robert Wykel last month, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. That’s the minimum sentence. I wonder why he got the minimum — murderers rarely do, unless there’s a plea bargain. Perhaps the judge thinks he’s innocent.

Wynn is 51 years old. Assuming his conviction is upheld, he will be an old man when he gets out, if he gets out at all.

Three murders without a body

It looks like the incredibly long, complicated Kiplyn Davis case has wrapped up — with the caveat, of course, that her body hasn’t been recovered. Over six years, five defendants faced various charges in her disappearance ranging from perjury to murder. One pleaded guilty to manslaughter in February. Now, another has pleaded guilty to two additional charges of perjury and was sentenced to probation by agreement of both prosecution, defense and Kiplyn’s dad. This guy wasn’t involved in the presumed murder, and according to all he’s cleaned up his life over the past few years.

In Washington state, a suspect was convicted on his second trial of murdering Robert James Wykel, who’s been missing since 1996. No sentencing date has been set.

And down in Arizona the boyfriend of Jamie Laiaddee has been charged with her murder.